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Driving in Bonaire

Speed Limits
Motorways: MW
Open Roads: OR
Urban Areas: UA

Minimum Driver age: 21

Minimum Driver age for Rentals: 21

Required equipment for your car:N/A

Seatbelts: Not Compulsory for both front and rear-seat passengers but advisable.

General driving information

There is no public bus service on the island. Driving is on the right, you should have your ID with you at all times.

Car Hire Bonaire

Book your cheap car hire online for all car rental in Bonaire at the International Flamingo airport.

Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean.

Bonaire has the reputation of being laid back, slower paced and very tranquil and not surprisingly is becoming a popular holiday destination but started life as a cruise ship destination when the island government constructed the first ship's pier in the harbour.

It allowed cruise ships to tie up alongside the wharf and discharge passengers. Bonaire is a great place for snorkeling where you can enjoy the wonderful sea creatures and the various coral formations around the island. You will be able to observe the feeding and courtship rituals of the reefs many residents.

Must See in Bonaire

Museo Mangasina di Rei Kaminda Rincon

This is an old restored plantation house with an indoor museum with a display of tools, household items and furniture.

Marshe di Rincon

You must visit the Rincon or as others know it the Marshe di Rincon market held on the first Sturday of each month. Here you can savour the truly local flavours. At the Marshe, you'll enjoy visiting a number of different types of market stalls offering a huge range of produce.

Dates for Your Diary

Bonaire International Sailing Regatta

This annual sailing regatta is held in October at Kas di Regatta and Sorobon.

Bonaire Carnival

This is held in February with a number of parades stretching over a number of days.