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City Centre Locations

  • Sofia
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Driving in Bulgaria

Speed Limits
Motorways: 80 mph
Open Roads: 55 mph
Urban Areas: 31 mph

Minimum Driver age: 18

Minimum Driver age for Rentals: 20

Required equipment for your car: Fire Extinguisher. First Aid Kit. Warning Triangle. Reflective Jacket.

Seatbelts: Compulsory for both front and rear-seat passengers

General driving information

It is illegal to use a mobile phone unless with a hands free kit. A reflective jacket is compulsory for any person who has to step out of a vehicle, day or night in case of breakdown or emergency on a motorway. Visiting motorists must drive through a liquid disinfectant at a cost of(approx) €12, they must also buy a 'vignette' (road tax).

Airport Locations

  • Sofia Airport

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Bulgaria is situated in south eastern Europe and occupies the north eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the North, via the Danube River, it borders on Romania, to the West, on to Serbia and Montenegro and on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. To the South its neighbours are Greece and Turkey. To the East Bulgaria touches the Black Sea, which links it also to Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia.

Must See in Bulgaria

Sveshtari Thracian tomb

This 3rd century B.C. Thracian tomb reflects the fundamental structural principles of Thracian cult buildings. The decoration of the burial chamber is exceptionally interesting, a unique blend of art and architecture. It is situated in Northern Bulgaria, near the town of Isperih.

Sreburna Nature Reserve

It is situated in Northern Bulgaria, at the delta of the river Danube. It is predominantly a lake, 1.5 m deep, fed by water from the river and Karst water. The natural habitat here favours the growth of a wide variety of animal and plant species. Of great interest are the 160 species of birds, 90 of which nest and breed there. "Sreburna" is a stopping place for many migratory birds. It possesses one of the 4 known colonies of the curly-headed pelican in Europe.

The Rila Monastery

This monastery was founded in the 10th century by followers of the Bulgarian hermit saint Ivan Rilski. The monastery is one of the most significant cultural centres in Bulgaria, where through the centuries intensive spiritual, educational and creative activities flourished. It was in close contact with spiritual centres abroad. After a devastating fire, the monastery was completely rebuilt in the 19th century. It is the biggest renaissance monument in Bulgaria.

Dates for Your Diary

Rhodopean Bagpipe Competition

The Bagpipe Competition in the village of Gela is organized by the Environmental Organization Rhodope with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

The Rose Festival

In Rose valley takes place traditionally in June in Karlovo. The ritual "Rose-picking" is held in rose gardens near Karlovo: next to the west entrance of the town from Sofia.