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Santa Cruz Tenerife

Tenerife Car Hire

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. In common with the other Canaries, it was formed by ancient volcanic activity around 10 million years ago. Volcanic activity has not been unknown in more recent times. There is a record of Christopher Columbus having witness an eruption of Tenerife's massive Cañadas del Teide volcano, while en route to the New World and the last recorded eruption on the island was in 1909. Because of its violent origins, the scenery on parts of the island is literally out of this world.

The landscape changes dramatically from huge areas that have been blasted and twisted into weird geological formations to lush green, fertile valleys in which tropical fruits such as bananas and strange citrus grow alongside vines and tomatoes. Then before you know it, you are the coast that itself varies from steep rocky promontories to smooth sandy beaches, lapped by the waves of the Atlantic.

Once reliant on trade, fishing and agriculture for its living, the Island's main economy is its booming tourist industry. Holiday makers come to Tenerife, attracted by its temperate climate and excellent record of sunshine throughout the year. It should be pointed out that the climate in the south of the island is invariably better than the north where the prevailing winds often bring rain and cooler, more damp conditions. It can even snow in the higher areas of the north during the winter season.

There is a lot on offer to the tourist, good hotels, friendly people, delicious food and wine, long clean beaches and interesting towns and scenery. Shopping is cheap with the island being a partly tax free area. There are bargains to be had for the careful shopper.

Must See in Tenerife

Some of the cities on the island, including the capital of Tenerife Santa Cruz are well worth visiting. Puerto de la Cruz is the oldest tourist area on the island and is a very relaxing place in a lovely setting.

Slightly further inland, you will find La Orotava in its fertile valley. The architecture here reflects the island's past Spanish colonialism.

For a taster of the history of Tenerife, visit San Cristobal de La Laguna on the shore of a dried up lake in the north of the island.

You must not miss a visit to The National Park - El Teide. This is the site of the volcano of the same name that is the highest mountain of Spain. A cable car will carry you to3.600 meters, and then you can reach the summit on foot. It all sounds a bit tiring, but scenery is just tremendous

Events in Tenerife

February is Carnival month. These are very important in Tenerife and are wonderful spectacles.

June - Corpus Christi.

August - Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria a celebration of the Island's patron saint.

November - San Andrés - Wine tasting festival.