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Driving in Dominican Republic

Speed Limits
Open Roads 48 mph
Urban Areas: 28 mph

Minimum Driver age: 18

Minimum Driver age for Rentals: 18

Required equipment for your car: N/A

Seatbelts: Compulsory for both front and rear-seat passengers

General driving information

Drive on the right side of the road. Note that undisciplined driving is common. Travel at night should be avoided, due to animals on the road and poor road conditions.

Car Hire Dominican Republic

Book your cheap car hire online for all car rental in the Dominican Republic. We have cars available in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata plus other major city locations.

The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean enjoys average annual temperatures of between 18 ° C/65 ° and 27ºC/ 81ºF. There are 16 national parks, nine natural monuments and six scientific reserves in the Dominican Republic, in fact the total number of protected areas (including panoramic routes, recreational areas and ecological corridors) is 67. Santo Domingo is the capital, a city of over 2 million. There are no beaches in the Capital, but a number of other tourist attractions. The historic colonial zone has structures dating back to the time of Columbus.

Must See in Dominican Republic

Los Haitises

Situated on the south coast of Samaná Bay (Bahía de San Lorenzo), is a protected coastal region, whose land and seascape of mangrove swamps, caves and strange rock formations emerging from the sea is unmatched in the Republic.

The Parque Nacional del Este

This is situated on the peninsula south of San Rafael del Yuma and includes the Saona Island. It has remote beaches, examples of precolumbian art in a system of caves and is the habitat of the now scarce paloma coronita (crowned, or white-headed dove.


There are a number of particular areas where there are artist and farmers markets and these include Mercado Modelo, Plaza Criolla, El Conde Street, Las Atarazanas, and Casa de Bastidas, where a wide choice of crafts made by local artists are sold: horn, wood, leather, snail, shell, amber and larimar articles; pottery, ceramics, basketry, embroidery and locally manufactured cotton fabrics.

Dates for Your Diary


Dominicans celebrate carnival in February. Every Sunday afternoon, in every major town, groups of children, young adults and grown ups shed their inhibitions under colorful costumes and behind fierce or playful masks and disguises as they assume the identity of of different traditional popular carnival characters: "Chicken thief", "Bear man", "Beggar woman", are some of the most popular ones.

Merengue Festival

This festival is held in the last week of July and the first week of August every year in Santo Domingo. Locals and visitors alike take part in street dancing and ballroom dancing to the beat of the top merengue bands of the country. Do this while enjoying the balmy Caribbean summers on the Malecón of Santo Domingo.