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Beauvais Airport Car Hire

Book your cheap car rental online for all car hire at Beauvais Airport, France. We have cars available at the airport and all other major locations in France including Paris, Cannes, Nice and Lyon

Beauvais Airport

Beauvais-Tillé Airport is within easy travelling distance of Paris, and is set within a sumptuous landscape rich in historical sites. There are links between Beauvais-Tillé and Barcelona, Bergen, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Katowice, Milan, Oslo, Rome (Ciampino), Shannon, Stockholm, Warsaw and Venice. There is ample car parking within the two car parks, and a range of car rental facilities is available. There are a number of shops within the main concourse, as well as eating facilities, café and bar.

Beauvais City

The city of Beauvais has long been a force in the region. Founded by the Romans, it soon became a centre for Christianity, ruled over by a sequence of prince-bishops. It was particularly powerful in the Middle Ages, and then again during the Renaissance. Nowadays, it is a thriving industrial city with a lively cultural life but you only have to wander along roads like the rue de l'Ecole du Chant, to brush shoulders with the ancient Roman walls or to discover the remains of the ancient medieval ramparts at the Tour Boileau to get a taste of what the city was like in other times.

Places to visit in Beauvais

The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. Beauvais Cathedral was founded in 1225. Although it was never finished (the nave remains unbuilt), the Cathedral rises as an imposing building, made up of two distinct elements: the Gothic choir is the highest in the world, with vaulting soaring some 47 metres into the air, and the transept built some three centuries later, in the 16th century, with its flamboyant architecture and two monumental façades. The Astronomical Clock situated within the cathedral, built in the 19th century by the inventor Auguste Verité, is well worth a visit.

Beauvais was for a long time a centre of the tapestry industry, and the workshops of the Manufacture Nationale de la Tapisserie throw a fascinating light on this ancient craft. A permanent exhibition of tapestries can be seen at the Galerie Nationale de la Tapisserie.

Further afield is the 16th century Chateau de Troisseraux, just 6 km from Beauvais, as well as the village of Gerberoy, a tiny medieval town in the heart of the Oise-Normande, belongs to a select club of the loveliest villages in France.

For those interested in agriculture and old agricultural machinery, then the Musée Conservatoire de la Vie Agricole d'Hétomesnil is a must.

In the Spring, the annual festival of cello ensembles is a must for the music lover.

The Beauvais Film Festival of Shorts, held in the late autumn.