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Weather Marseille

Marseilles Car Hire

Marseilles, on the south coast of France, is France's second city and the most important port. It is situated on the Mediterranean and is one of France's oldest cities (It celebrated its 2600th birthday before the year 2000).

Roughly 800,000 people live in the city of Marseilles. The population is very diverse in their origins, although one of the things that unites them is their love for the city.

The strong wind, called the Mistral, keeps the sky very clear and can blow at up to 60 mph. However, the temperature is always very comfortable, rarely falling below zero. Up to 8 months of the year, Marseilles enjoys warm weather and sunshine.

It is not widely known that on July 2nd, 1792, the "fédérés" of Marseilles walked to Paris for the defence of the Revolution. On the way, they sang a war song written by Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg, which was adopted by the revolution and was soon named "La Marseillaise".

Events in Marseilles

2nd Feb: Fête de la Chandeleur, the Candlemas procession begins at St Victor's Basilica, and locally-made biscuits in the shape of shuttle boats, flavoured with orangeflower receive a blessing.

15th Aug: A special celebration for the people of Marseilles. The event is dedicated to the Madonna which is carried to the Cathedral.

24th of June: the celebration of Saint-Jean. On Place Thiars, just a few steps away from the old port, the mayor lights a huge bonfire, the starting point for all the celebrations, which continue very late into the warmth of the early summer nights.

Must See in Marseilles

With 2600 years of history, Marseilles is a Provencal city with vitality. It is centred around the old port and has the benefits of a superb downtown, big parks, a medieval-village-style neighbourhood, good shopping and wonderful seafood.

When visiting, it is best to see the old town, Panier, the port and the cliff road high above the sea. Visitors must leave the centre of town to discover its unique character and beauty. Spend some time exploring some of the "quartier" of which there are more than 100. Visiting each quartier is like going to a little Provencal village of its own with a church, the compulsory game of Boules and of course, plane trees.

If you can, climb then the 162m above sea level to visit the church of the patron saint of sailors, Notre Dame de La Garde. From here you can admire the cliffs the "Estaque" inspiration to Cézanne.

From the islands "lles de Frioul" and the Chateau d'If with its legend of the Count of Monte Cristo, one has a beautiful view of this ancient maritime site.

If you want to travel further afield, then Aix en Provence (30 km), Cassis (30km), Aubagne (10 km) are all within an easy drive.