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Driving in Germany

Speed Limits
Motorways: N/A
Open Roads: 100km/h
Urban Areas: 50km/h

Minimum Driver age: 18

Minimum Driver age for Rentals: 18

Required equipment for your car: Winter tyres

Seatbelts: Compulsory for both front and rear-seat passengers

General driving information

The use of seat belts is compulsory. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the front seats.

Although there are no speed limits for motorways, there are often maximum speed limits displayed. The maximum speed limit for vehicles with snow chains is 31mph (50 km/h).

Speeding and other traffic offences are subject to on-the-spot fines. There are no tolls to pay on German motorways.

Car Hire Germany

Book your cheap car hire online for all car rental in Germany. We have cars available at all the major locations in Germany including Berlin, Frankfurt, Dussledorf and Munich.

Germany consists of 16 different federal states. Its many-faceted cities are steeped in history and aswell as visiting these many towns and villages throughout the country you can also choose from charming Rhine river cruises and the traditional Oktoberfest and Christmas markets, to the cultural hotbed of Berlin and the thrill of skiing or snowboarding in the Alps.

Germany is famous for its spectacular natural beauty and spread throughout the country you can visit 13 national parks, 13 biosphere reserves, and more than 90 nature parks and here you can hike, cycle, horseback ride and much more.

Must See in Germany -


This is Germany's Number 1 holiday destination and offers its guests all year round fantastic scenery in unspoilt nature, sports of all kinds, culture and history everywhere throughout the area. You can stay in the country or visit the metropolis of Munich.

Rhineland Palatinate

Situated in the German Federal State in the west of the country is a rich and diversified area divided into seven regions: "Middle Rhine - Lahn", "Rhinehesse", "Eifel", "Ahr", "Mosel-Saar", "Hunsrück", "Naheland", "Westerwald" and the "Palatinate". The differences between the idyllic river landscapes, the natural low mountain region, the historical towns and villages, romantic mountains as well as the well known wine regions give the vacation state of Rhineland Palatinate its special charm.


This state is situated in South West Germany. Here you will see wonderful landscapes, interesting culture and customs, lively towns and numerous attractive sights. With its approximately 60 healing baths and spas Baden-Württemberg is number one among the German states with spa resorts.

There are more than 150 ‘scenic routes’ throughout Germany. Enough to keep the most vigorous tourist happy. The first of these routes was developed in 1927 and was known as the ‘German Alpine Road’.

Dates for Your Diary

Carnival of the Cultures

A public festival in Berlin in May over 3 days with parades, parties and numerous other events.

Breminale Festival

Live music in a big top, art in the open-air on the banks of the River Weser, jugglers and troubadours and imaginative games for children. Open-air big-screen cinema, drama, dance and poetry readings - a real mixture of unconventional entertainment - the list of attractions is endless. Held first two weeks of June in Bremen.

International Berlin Beer Festival

Held in early August.

Altburg Festival

Irish folk festival in a Celtic settlement recreated deep in the forest - with Guinness, hearty food and plenty of interesting stalls. Held in Bundenbach im Hunsrück in August.