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Kos Ippokratis Airport Car Hire

Book your cheap car rental online for all car hire at IppokratisAirport,Kos. We have cars available at the airport and all other major locations in the Greek Islands including Crete and Corfu.

Ippokratis Airport

Kos - Ippokratis Airport (KGS/LGKO) now handles over 1.6 million tourist passengers each year. Passenger facilities have now been fully upgraded for the increase in tourist numbers with 12 check-in desks, 5 gates, 3 baggage claim belts, 220 long term parking spaces and the departures terminal expansion (approx. 1000m²). The airport is situated close to the village of Antimahia, 26 kilometres south-west of Kos Town. Parking: 220 long term parking spaces.

About Kos

Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos. Lying close to the Asia Minor coast, it is the home island of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. Kos town is a fairly lively place. Since the island is small, you can base yourself in the town, and venture out from there.

The most remote and least touristy region of the island is comprised of the forests and mountains stretching roughly from just beyond Platani all the way to Plaka in the south. The mountain villages of this region were once the true centre of the island. Along with the Greek sunshine and the marvellous golden beaches, the principal attractions of Kos are its antiquities -- most notably the Asklepion.

Dates for Your Diary

From the month of July until the month of August, the festival Hippocrateia takes place in the town of Kos. The majority of the events take place in the Medieval Castle and on Eleftherios Square. There is also a Winter Festival held during March, with various music, theatre and dance performances, as well as art exhibitions and films.

Must See in Kos

It is well worth visiting the Asklepeion, built in honour of the god Asclepios, the god of medicine. On an elevated site with grand views of Kos town, the sea and the Turkish coastline, this is where Hippocrates founded the first medical school in the late 5th century B.C..

For a town the size of Kos, there is an impressive archaeological museum, built by the Italians in the 1930s to display the mostly Hellenistic and Roman sculptures and mosaics uncovered on the island.

For island hopping, there are ferries from Kos to most of the Greek islands. The beaches to the east of Kos town are the quietest on the island because they're pebbled rather than sandy. The views are splendid and the nearby hot springs are well worth a visit.

The north side of the island is also best for windsurfing; try Tingaki and Marmara. Everything you need can be rented on the beach. On the southern coast, practically every sort of water sport, including jet-skiing, can be found at Kardamena.

For surfing, the Kefalos peninsula offers an ideal stretch of remote shoreline. You can end the day watching the sunset at Sunset Wave Beach, where you can also enjoy a not-soon-forgotten family-cooked feast at a local restaurant.

Guided horseback excursions are also available, with 1-hour beach rides and 4-hour mountain trail rides on offer. For bird-watchers, there are at least two unique sights to treasure: wild peacocks in the forests at Skala, and migrating flamingos frequenting the salt-lake preserve just west of Tingaki.