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Brindisi Car Hire

The city's name derives from Brunda meaning, "The Head of a Deer", inspired by the shape of Brindisi's natural harbour. During the Fascist era there was great interest in the town from Mussolini, to upgrade the port, as well as the city. It now has aproximately one hundred thousand residents.

Must See in Brindisi

Aragones Castle - You will see this castle as you approach Brindisi from the sea it is better known as the Sea Fortress which was built in 1491 on the island opposite the port, by Ferdinand I The Aragones, in defense of its city, against possible sea attacks. For many centuries, it has been utilized for this purpose.

The Tancredi Fountain - It was built in 1192 by King Tancredi in occasion of the wedding of his son Ruggero with the daughter of the Emperor of Costantinopoli. The Fountain was restored in 1549 and in 1828.

The Cathedral Church - also known as St. John's the Baptist Church, it was originally built between 1098 and 1132.

It has been almost entirely rebuilt, following the original design, after the earthquake in 1743.

Dates for your diary

The traditional "Procession on the sea" takes place once a year in first week of September, during the celebration of Saint Protectors of the City, St. Teodoro d'Amasea and St. Lorenzo da Brindisi.