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Palermo Car Hire

Palermo , Sicily , consists of eight districts;

Prima, Terza, Sesta, Seconda, Quarta, Quinta, Settina, Ottava

Prima is the historical city center and port which is divided into several districts including:

Quattro Canti - Meaning this district is the heart of the old city where you will find the Royal Palace , Palatine Chapel, the Cathedral and the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi .

Kalsa - This is the old quarter home of the Basilica of the Magione, Admiral''s Bridge, the Steri Castle and has it's own Botanical Gardens.

Maqueda Quarter - Home to Sant'' Agostino Church , the Teatro Massima and the Castello al Mare or Caste-by-the-sea.

Via Liberta Quarter - This area is the home of Saint Rosalie''s Shrine on Mount Pellgrino, the Chinese Villa and Ficuzza.

Calatafimi Quarter - where you can visit the Zisa and the Capuchin Monastery & Catacombs.