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Pisa Car Hire

Pisa is a historic town in Tuscany, near the mouth of the Arno river. Pisa is very accessible from other parts of Italy. The town is on major trainlines connecting with Rome, Florence, Genoa, Milan and Naples. Pisa is now most famous for one of its architectural masterpieces, the Leaning Tower. Pisa's main tourist attractions are grouped together in the Campo dei Miracoli, the Field of Miracles.

In Pisa the town's has its own cluster of monuments, all architecturally exquisite, and strangely all leaning at different angles. Included amongst them are the grand Romanesque cathedral, a large striped baptistry, and, of course, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. For more tourist information the Pisa Tourist Information Office is situated on Via Cammeo, not far from the Leaning Tower. There is another branch just outside the main railway station.

Must See in Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa - The Tower of Pisa (180 feet in height) was begun in 1173 and, due to its faulty foundation on unstable soil, leans precariously more than 14 feet out of line, preventing visitors from climbing its 300-plus steps to the top.

The Duomo - Cathedral - The cathedral is situated near the leaning tower. Well worth a visit but be aware that they are very strict regarding dress code in the cathedral and you will not be allowed to enter if your elbows are showing or if wearing tiny shorts or skirts.

Date for your diary

Gioco del Ponte (Game of the Bridge) last Sunday in June. This is Pisa's largest traditional event in the year. It involves twelve teams from the north and south banks of the city staging a series of battles, including pushing a seven-tonne carriage over the Ponte di Mezzo, Pisa's old Roman bridge. This historic event was first mentioned in 1568 and is still held in medieval costume.

Festa di San Ranieri - June This is when Pisan's honour their patron saint by lining the River Arno with torches on June 16th. All the waterfront buildings and also the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa are beautifully illuminated. The next day there is the Regatta di San Ranieri, where four rowing teams race in costume in honour of the patron saint of Pisa.