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Sardinia Car Hire

Small enough to be classed as an island but big enough to be in a world of its own. This idyllic island is about 120 miles west of the Italian peninsula. Its coastline is probably one of the most spectacular in Europe; The sea is full of fish and shellfish. The broad valleys are transformed into golden fields of wheat in summer. The rugged mountains with hidden caves, are home to flocks of sheep that feed on wild herbs and produce a cheese you will never forget. History is in the olive groves where some of the continent's oldest archeological remains are found dating back to 1700 BC. The Sardinians speak a language incomprehensible to all other Italians.There are more saints' days celebrated here than anywhere else in Italy.

The most ancient Sardinian people sheltered in natural caves, then in village huts, They lived by farming, hunting and fishing, everything nature supplied. They endeavored to insure the fertility of fields and animals, by worshipping a female Divinity, a Goddess-Mother, which they made in different ways, making small stone and earthen idols. These idols were also used to protect the dead. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with its 1.800 kilometres of coastline is a popular destination for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holiday. This is also a haven for lovers of natural beauty and geographical delights.

Sardinian towns and cities along the coast have a great tradition of fish and sea food. Inland towns are more inclined to use game and farm produce. Olbia, Stintino, Castelsardo, Alghero, Bosa and Oristano are just some of the towns where one can enjoy this cuisine. Cagliari is one of Italy's main fishing ports supplying fresh produce for seafood traditional dishes.

Events in Sardinia

June Every year - Fiesta of San Antonio.

August - Fireworks and Fried Fish.

August - Zeddiani Tomato Fair.

Must See in Sardinia

The diving centre - offering amazing trips exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Each diving centre shows the best dive locations for exploring the incredible marine life.

The indigenous Nuraghi stone towers.

The Punic and Roman cultural remains.

The local crafts & traditional techniques have been preserved throughout the centuries. Sardinian carpets have their own unique local characteristics which an expert can identify from carpets produced by other countries.

The manufacturing techniques, materials, designs and colours vary greatly from village to village and ensure that Sardinian carpets can be easily recognised. The same can be said for basketwork. Sardinian baskets represent the most characteristic expressions of Sardinian art.

Ceramics and pottery also represent the decorative art for which Sardinia is famous. Although the Sardinian people have adopted a consumer lifestyle, handicrafts are still in daily use. Throughout the centuries Sardinian culture has maintained its distinctive uniqueness.