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Weather Santiago de Compostela

Santiago De Compostela Car Hire

Santiago de Compostela is a small university city in the Galicia region of north western Spain. This small community is however famous throughout the Christian world and has been the ultimate goal of thousands upon thousands of pilgrims since medieval times. Still today in our increasingly secular times, many devout people make the journey to visit to this most sacred of Spanish cities. It is a beautiful town, full of buildings built in an architectural style that seems peculiar to this magical place in Spain. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site full of the most wonderful monuments to the Saint James the Apostle for whom the city is named.

There are many legends about Saint James' connection with the city. The most popular version appears to be that after he was martyred by King Herodes Agrippa for his adherence to Christ, his body was floated in a stone coffin from the holy land to the shores of northern Spain where he was buried by to of his disciples. Some eight centuries later a shepherd had a vision of stars shining onto a field. Acting on his vision, the field was excavated and the body of Saint James or Sant Iago was discovered. The town grew up around the site and was called St James of the field of stars' .

Whatever your beliefs, there is no doubt that Santiago is a town worthy of a visit, its culture, architecture and legends aside, this is a lively place where tradition walks hand in hand with modern Spanish culture. The Gallacians certainly enjoy their food. The traditional cuisine of the region is rightly famous throughout Spain. Fish dishes are especially fine. Try Saint Jacob's Shell (the characteristic shell is St. James' symbol, worn by pilgrims) Cuttlefish prepared with paprika is also a delicious local offering. Non fish eaters should try the meat or vegetable pie known as Empanada Gallega.

Dates for Your Diary

Easter week amazing processions through the old streets.

May - Feria del Ganado a 10 day festival of folklore and cooking.

Late July - Festival of the Apostle.

August and September - Classical Music Festival.

Must see in Santiago De Compostela

Everything - But a walking tour of the numerous squares of the city will allow you to get a taste of this ancient wonder that will leave you wanting more. Especially fine are:

La Plaza del Obradoiro that forms the town centre square is home to the Gelmirez Palace with its fine sculptures.

The Plaza de las Platerias and the Plaza de la Quintana are also recommended.