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Travel Insurance

Wherever you are travelling in the world we would always suggest you take out suitable travel insurance to cover you for any medical emergency. Taking out travel Insurance online is easy and we have two companies we can suggest, wherever you live in the world.

Even if you have an EHIC card this won't cover you for repatriation and can only be used in certain hospitals and clinics across europe.

If you are a UK resident we found that www.cheaptravelinsurance.com offer comprehensive holiday insurance cover at great value prices. You can include existing medical conditions to your cover and they can offer policies to you, whatever your age.

If you are not from the UK a comapny called World Nomads can provide cover to residents of 140 different countries. They can even provide cover to travellers once you are abroad, so if you have forgotton to take out cover or your existing policy has lapsed you should still be able to buy further cover. Simply go to www.worldnomads.com for a quote.