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Driving in Europe

The euro is a currency used now by 12 European countries though the UK still retains the Pound. Europe now consists of 43 countries and you can cross many borders within the EU without being checked (but always make sure you have your passport).

When driving in Europe remember to drive on the right, with the exception of the UK and Gibralter.

Seat belts must be worn by those in the front and back of the vehicle. There are strict drink driving laws across europe and mobile and static speed cameras are in use now in most european countries. It must be noted that if you are cuaght travelling over 25km/h above the speed limit you can have your licence taken on the spot.

Driving Worldwide

Many drivers in old colonial countries worldwide including for instance Trinidad or Barbados, still drive on the right. There are very few places where there are no speed limits at all. In Germany speed limit still exist on Autobahns if the conditions dictate. Driving in some countries can be an exhausting and frankly frightening experience. It is always a good idea to research your destination and on occasion drive like the locals!

To help we have put together a guide of speed limits across some of the most frequently visited countries worldwide and in Europe. For the USA - speed limits vary from state to state and range from 55 to 75 mph.

Country Motorway Open Road Town/Built Up Area
Belgium 120km/h 90km/h 50km/h
Canada 100km/h 80km/h 50km/h
Denmark 130km/h 80km/h 50km/h
France 130km/h* 90km/h 50km/h
Germany none† 100km/h 50km/h
Italy 130km/h 90km/h 50km/h
Luxembourg 120km/h 90km/h 60km/h
Netherlands120/110km/h 80km/h 50km/h
New Zealand100km/h 100km/h 50km/h
Spain 120km/h 100km/h 50km/h
Switzerland120km/h 80km/h 50km/h
UK 70mph 60mph 30mph

* when the roads are wet speed limit is reduced to 110km/h.
† No speed limit unless shown.

Dates for Your Diary

Melbourne Cup - Australia - On the first Tuesday of November each year. This is Australia's premier horse race held at Flemington Racecourse with prize money of AU$4.6 million.

American Ballet Theatre Season - USA - Annually May to July - Metropolitan Opera House - New York.

Hermanus Whale Festival - South Africa - Overstrand Coastline - 23rd - 26th September - best whale watching in the world.

Hellenic Festival - Greece - June to September - A large range of performances from ancient theatre, opera and jazz.

Tour de France - France - Annualy in July.